I am an Artist and writer with a BA in Creative Arts (Art with Creative Writing) from Bath Spa University and an MA in Creative Practice from Leeds College of Art. I was recently chosen for the Emergence Bursary, a scheme funded by a-n, Disability Arts Online and Shape Arts to help emerging artists whose careers have been affected by illness or disability. My artistic philosophy is underpinned by the Situationist theory that  “All works of art are objects and should be treated as such, but these objects are not ends in themselves: They are tools with which to influence spectators”. For me, all art is interactive art.  My work uses the idea that the primary value of all objects is their ability to evidence human existence and provide a tangible form for intangible emotions, memories and experiences.

Generally I create long running participatory projects which can lead to a wide range of outcomes, in the past, this has included installation, soft sculpture and artist books.  The medium of my work is irrelevant, I am interested in communicating ideas and I will work in whatever media I feel is the best way of communicating a particular concept with my intended audience.   

 My work explores a wide range of topics, but one common theme is the universality of personal experiences, the resilience of ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances.