I'll Fight a Bear and Other Stories

  • Northlight Art Space Valley Road Hebden Bridge, HX7 7BZ United Kingdom

I’ll Fight a Bear and Other Stories was originally intended to be a work in progress exhibition of a new collection of illustrated texts for children. As sometimes happens with work in progress things took an unexpected turn, the exhibition will now take a more general look at the relationship between text and image across various projects. 

You will see  work from 'Love, Letty x', essays from 'This Is Your Inheritance' and various other collected words accompanied by pictures.

Join me from 7pm on the 21st of October when I will be giving an informal talk on reoccurring themes in my work. (To put it another way, I’ll be explaining what Anne Bronte riding a tractor has to do with situationism.)

Or come along over the weekend when I’ll still be milling about pretending to be cool and hoping you ask me questions. 

See you soon,