Current Projects


This Is Your Inheritance

‘This is Your Inheritance’ is a project I was inspired to start after I inherited my Great Grandmother’s treadle sewing machine.


As the project developed, I had contact with more than 130 women to find out what textiles meant to them. In an overwhelming majority of cases, stories of women and textiles meant hard work, determination and love.


I wanted to create a project that would celebrate and commemorate the everyday triumphs of the women of the project. So I made ten, seven meter long banners, printed with hand-made textile objects. 

This project was exhibited for three months at Holy Trinity Church Leeds. The project book is available to buy here


Past Projects

How Do You Sleep At Night full view.jpg

How do Sleep at Night? 2013-14

Launched at The Northlight Summer Showcase in June 2013 “How do you Sleep at Night?” Was an ongoing project that asked participants to submit the things they think or say to themselves when trying to get to sleep at night, these things were then embroidered onto patches which were ultimately be stitched together to make bedding.

liferaft alt view.jpg

Life Raft - June 2012

Life Raft explores the theme of rescue. I began by rescuing obsolete objects; such as burnt out matches and till receipts, and attempting to save them from a perceived worthlessness.

After a major personal trauma I realised I wanted to move on from saving objects to helping people. It appeared to me that physical survival is often valued over emotional wellbeing, and I was inspired to create survival equipment for emotional emergencies.

In Life Raft I wanted to create a safe space for someone to recover from emotional trauma. The soft sculpture is constructed from calico, duvets and pillows, and is scented with lavender, to comfort and soothe. 


Love, Letty x - 2011 - 2013

This project was initially inspired by an attempt to explore theories influenced by Situationism to my own art. Love, Letty x was an interactive art project which explored the abstract nature of the internet and its juxtaposition with the reality and physicality of our ‘real’ offline lives, initiating a conversation with an audience who engage with me as an artist and writer.

I requested that participants ask questions or make comments to which I replied with a written answer and a corresponding piece of art. The physical objects and typewritten reply were posted to the correspondent and digital images of both were posted online.

Love, Letty x  ran for over a year, in that time it was made into a book and performed live at an International Digital Media Conference. 

You can still view the project on the site or buy the book

Me With Out You 2010 

Me Without You explored the themes of obsession and objectification. A series of 200 love letters were written to an imaginary  person. the letters were then folded into origami birds and sent with accompanying illustrations to strangers chosen randomly from the phone book or left to in public places to be collected.